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Dear Guest,

We hope you’re enjoying the New Year!

We are sending this email out to everyone regarding the importance of an accurate length and type of your RV when making reservations or renewing. Red Coconut RV Park is a vintage park dating back to the 1920’s. Our sites are measured to fit certain lengths and types of RV’s based on their location in the park. Due to the Estero Blvd. Improvement Project, the Red Coconut has lost some property along the 4th row of beach side. With this loss of property, we’ve had to reconfigure all of our site measurements on the beach side based on the length and slide outs for Motor Homes, Travel Trailers and 5th wheels compatibility for the beach side.

When you call to renew or make a new reservation, we must have an accurate length and type of your RV; we will also need to know the correct length of your travel trailer hitch. When you reserve or renew a site and arrive with an inaccurate length and/or type (especially larger), you may be turned away based on availability. We need our guest to understand the importance of this issue. At times we can make changes to accommodate the change in size of your unit but this must be done prior to your arrival in writing. Keep in mind when changes are made it’s not a simple move in the system; sometimes moving one site is like a domino effect and impacts many customers, it also reduces efficiency of our employees taking care of matters at hand.

Please send a written request by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for approval of your new camper to ensure that your site will accommodate its size and slide outs on the designated site you have reserved.

As always we appreciate your cooperation and being our guest. Call or email us with any questions. We are providing an email address for you to respond verifying, if needed, the length and type of your RV.

Best Regards,
Red Coconut RV Park LLP

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